Sentence Examples

  • Casual: If you want to walk on the wild side, the leopard print Loveable is a ballet flat ready to be paired with anything from a miniskirt to blue jeans.
  • Some styles are simpler than others, but they're always working to keep your feet dry and comfortable and can be worn with anything from a miniskirt to a pair of your warmest casual pants.
  • A sexy Mrs. Claus costume is usually a miniskirt in red, green or maroon velvet, a tight low-cut bodice and sexy black knee high boots.
  • The faux lace-up corset style front, attached flared miniskirt and adjustable straps provide a perfect fit to flatter your curves.
  • Obviously, they changed with the times, but starting in the 1940s, skirts were knee-length and, despite the advent of the miniskirt in the 1960s, a professional woman did not wear anything that showed more than her knees.