Sentence Examples

  • Men tend to enjoy an advantage over women when it comes to online shopping, in that so long as there are exact arm, chest, midsection and leg lengths provided, they can get a good fit and not have to worry about trying something on.
  • Elaborate details on skirt panels, necklines, headdresses, and accessories that will draw attention away from an individual's size as well as spice up the costume with flair and elegance, while leaving the body's midsection subdued.
  • If your thighs are great, but you need a little help in the midsection, choose a product like the Vedette Waist Cincher Firm Control Body Shaper #103, which has a similar fit to that of a corset and leaves your arms and legs free.
  • However, there's another set of important midsection muscles called obliques, which run diagonally from your ribcage to your hips in two layers, essentially criss-crossing one another to allow for a twisting motion.
  • With all the conflicting information on the market today, and the extra weight hanging around your midsection, it can be discouraging enough to lose yourself in a bag of chips with a side of double-stuffed Oreos.