Sentence Examples

  • LEEUWENHOEK, or [[Leuwenhoek, Anthony Van]] (1632-1723), Dutch microscopist, was born at Delft on the 24th of October 1632.
  • At the present day feiy groups of the animal kingdom are so well known to the microscopist, few groups present more interesting affinities to the morphologist, and few multicellular animals such a low physiological condition.
  • GIOVANNI BATTISTA AMICI (1786-1863), Italian astronomer and microscopist, was born on the 25th of March 1786 at Modena.
  • A successful lawyer, and in his later years a prominent microscopist, who won a gold medal of honour for microphotography at the Antwerp Exposition of 1891, he is best known as one of the greatest "civilian" generals of the Civil War, and, with the possible exception of J.
  • As the microscopist usually estimates the resolving power according to the aperture with ordinary day-light, Kohler introduced the " relative resolving power " for ultra-violet light.