Sentence Examples

  • Currently there are several minorities which still use exorcising masks, including the Miao, Yao, Zhuang, Shui, Buyi and Dong.
  • The mountain ranges to the north of the province abound with coal, notably at Chai-tang, Tai-gan-shan, Miao-gan-ling, and Fu-tao in the Si-shan or Western Hills.
  • The mountain ranges in the south are largely inhabited by Miao-tsze, who are the original owners of the soil and have been constantly goaded into a state of rebellion by the oppression to which they have been subjected by the Chinese officials.
  • These figures include nearly 1400 full and probationary members in the China mission, the first-fruits of two years' labour amongst the Miao tribe.
  • Another considerable river is the Liu-kiang, or Willow River, which rises in the mountains inhabited by the Miao-tsze, in Kwei-chow.