Sentence Examples

  • A constant difficulty in studying works on metrology is the need of distinguishing the absolute facts of the case from the web of theory into which each writer has woven them -- often the names used, and sometimes the very existence of the units in question, being entirely an assumption of the writer.
  • And coins have long been recognized as one of the great sources of metrology -- valuable for their wide and detailed range of information, though most unsatisfactory on account of the constant temptation to diminish their weight, a weakness which seldom allows us to reckon them as of the full standard.
  • In spite of his scientific training in philology Lepsius left behind few translations of inscriptions or discussions of the meanings of words: by preference he attacked historical and archaeological problems connected with the ancient texts, the alphabet, the metrology, the names of metals and minerals, the chronology, the royal names.
  • Petrie, Inductive Metrology (1877) (principles and tentative results);
  • 4000; 400,000 Another unit, which has scarcely been recognized in metrology hitherto, is prominent in the weights from Egypt -- some 50 weights from Naucratis and 15 from 400 Defenneh plainly agreeing on this and on no other basis.