Sentence Examples

  • Der Messias; Hiihn, Die messianischen Weissagungen; R.
  • 25, 26), and Messias (John i.
  • See, besides the books above cited, De Wette, Opuscula; Wansche, Die Leiden des Messias (1870).
  • Sterbende Messias; Gressmann, Ursprung der israelitisch jiidisclzen Eschatologie, pp. 250-345.
  • He likewise expands at great length a theory of the origin of the Catholic Church much like that sketched by Toland, but assumes that Paul and his party, latterly at least, were distinctly hostile to the Judaical party of their fellow-believers in Jesus as the Messias, while the college of the original twelve apostles and their adherents viewed Paul and his followers with suspicion and disfavour.