Sentence Examples

  • The intestine is slung by a median dorsal and ventral mesentery which divides the body cavity into two symmetrically shaped halves; it is " stayed " by two transverse septa, the anterior or gastroparietal band running from the stomach to the body wall and the posterior or ileoparietal band running from the intestine to the body wall.
  • This vessel is nothing but a split between the right and left folds of the mesentery, and its cavity is thus a remnant of the blastocoel.
  • 7), in which the genital ridge (a) is seen on each side of the attachment of the mesentery; external to this, and forming another slight ridge of its own, is the Wolffian duct, while a little later the Miillerian duct is formed and lies ventral to the Wolffian.
  • A median mesentery running dorsoventrally supports the alimentary canal and is continued behind it into the tail, thus dividing the body cavity into two lateral halves.
  • Each mesentery is attached by its upper margin to the peristome, by its outer margin to the body-wall, and by its lower margin to the basal disk.