Sentence Examples

  • First surrounded by mero ii.
  • 626 Nabu-kudur-uzur (Nebu chadrezzar II.) 605 Amil-Marduk (Evil-Mero dach), his son.
  • The Mero- They concentrated in their own hands all the powers vingians, of the empire, judicial, fiscal and military; and even the so-called rois fainants enjoyed this unlimited power, in spite of the general disorder and the civil wars.
  • The country enclosed by the Nile, the Atbara and the Blue Nile, the so-called Island of Mero, consists of very fertile soil, and along the eastern frontier, by the upper courses of the rivers named, is a district of rich land alternating with prairies and open forests.
  • On the "Retreat to Corunna" fatigue, wet and bitter cold, combined with the sense of an enforced retreat, shook the discipline of Moore's army; but he reached Corunna on the 11th of January 1809, where he took up a position across the road from Lugo, with his left on the river Mero.