Sentence Examples

  • In September he surprised and routed Montrose at Philiphaugh near Selkirk, and was rewarded by the committee of estates with a present of -50,000 merks and a gold chain; but his victory was marred by the butchery of the captured Irish - men, women and children - to whom quarter had been given.
  • Agreed to give him a sum of 4000 merks in four yearly payments.
  • In 1209 he promised to purchase John's goodwill with 15,000 merks, and gave hostages.
  • Alexander (1260) won the western isles and the Isle of Man from Norway, paying 4000 merks, and promising a yearly rent of 100 merks.
  • In July 1354 an arrangement as to David's ransom was made: his price was 90,000 merks sterling (for the coinage of Scotland was already beginning to be debased).