Sentence Examples

  • Soc. xx.; Haacke, Schopfung des Menschen; Mitchell, " Valuation of Zoological Characters," Trans.
  • Physiologie des Menschen (Wiesbaden, 1896); Ludwig, Lehrbuch der Physiol.
  • Among his later books may be mentioned Antiquarische Briefe (1851), Historisch-politische Briefe fiber die geselligen Verhdltnisse der Menschen (1860), Lebenserinnerungen und Briefwechsel (i 861) and Handbuch zur Geschichte der Literatur (1864-66).
  • His essays, collected under the title Zeiten, Volker and Menschen (Berlin, 1874-1885), show clear discernment, a finely balanced cosmopolitan judgment and grace of style.
  • The most remarkable of the works from this period are - (I) the Bestimmung des Menschen (Vocation of Man, 1800), a book which, for beauty of style, richness of content, and elevation of thought, may be ranked with the Meditations of Descartes; (2) Der geschlossene Handelsstaat, 1800 (The Exclusive or Isolated Commercial State), a very remarkable treatise, intensely socialist in tone, and inculcating organized protection; (3) Sonnenklarer Bericht an das grossere Publicum iiber die neueste Philosophie, 1801.