Sentence Examples

  • The king's mensal land, as also that of the tanist or successor to the royal office appointed during the king's lifetime, was not divided up but passed on in its entirety to the next individual elected to the position.
  • He constructed a number of fortresses on the great central plain and carved out the kingdom of Meath to serve as his mensal land.
  • He was provided with mensal land for the support of himself and his scholars, and he was further entitled to free quarters for himself and his retinue.
  • The harper, the metal-worker (cerd), and the smith were also provided with mensal land, in return for which they gave to the chief their skill and the product of their labour as customary tribute (bestigi).
  • The episcopal emoluments arise from the mensal parishes, the incumbency of which is retained by the bishops, from licences and from an annual contribution, varying in amount, paid by the clergy of the diocese.

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