Sentence Examples

  • The Seriema, owing to its long legs and neck, stands some two feet or more in height, and in menageries bears itself with a stately deportment.
  • Considering the extent of their materials, which was limited to the bodies of such animals as they could obtain from dealers and the several menageries that then existed in or near London, the progress made in what has since proved to be the right direction is very wonderful.
  • The black rhinoceros is more rarely seen in menageries in Europe than either of the Asiatic species, but one lived in the gardens of the London Zoological Society from 1868-1891.
  • In later times royal persons and great feudal magnates frequently kept menageries of wild animals, aviaries and aquaria, and it is from these that modern public Gardens have taken their origin.
  • A minor problem in menageries is injudicious feeding by visitors.

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