Sentence Examples

  • And in practice 10% more than its own weight; or in Crushing other words, loo lb of the best crushed megass will consist of 47.62 lb of fibre and 52.38 lb of moisture - that is, water with sugar in solution, or juice.
  • 0 „ triple to /o „ diffusion with 25% To prevent the serious loss of juice left in the megass by even the best double and triple crushing, maceration or imbibition was introduced.
  • The megass coming from the first mill was saturated with steam and water, in weight equal to between 20% and 30% and up to 40% of the original weight of the uncrushed canes.
  • Consequently, after the last crushing the mixture retained by the residual megass was not juice, as was the case when crushing was employed without maceration, but juice mixed with water; and it was found that the loss in juice was reduced by one-half.
  • Hence in the latest designs for large factories it has been proposed that as much normal juice as can be extracted by double crushing only shall be treated by itself, and that the megass shall then be soused with twice as much water as there is juice remaining in it; after which, on being subjected to a third crushing, it will yield a degraded juice, which would also be treated by itself.