Sentence Examples

  • Mdlle Curchod soon afterwards became the wife of Necker, the famous financier; and Gibbon and the Neckers frequently afterwards met on terms of mutual friendship and esteem.
  • In 1825 Comte married a Mdlle Caroline Massin.
  • Subsequently she lived as a courtesan under the name of Mdlle Lange.
  • His prison at Ham was unhealthy, and physical inactivity was painful to the prince, but on the whole the regime imposed upon him was mild, and his captivity was lightened by Alexandrine Vergeot, "la belle sabotiere," or Mdlle Badinguet (he was later nicknamed Badinguet by the republicans).
  • But the emperor was ill, weary and aged by the life of pleasure which he led side by side with his life of work (as is proved by the letters to Mdlle Bellanger); he was suffering from a first attack of his bladder complaint.

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