Sentence Examples

  • There is no reason to doubt that some such visit was made about the year 315, when the death of Maximin Daza left Constantine supreme.
  • 8) that the Armenians were ardent Christians, and ancient friends and allies of the Roman empire when Maximin attacked them about the year 308.
  • Under Tiberius mention is made of Treballia in Moesia, and the Emperor Maximin (2 35237) had been commander of a squadron of Triballi.
  • Are the codex aureus, a copy of the gospels presented to the abbey of St Maximin by Ada, a reputed sister of Charlemagne, and the codex Egberti of the 10th century.
  • It is the object of an ancient and famous pilgrimage due to the tradition that Mary, sister of the Virgin, and Mary, mother of James and John, together with their black servant Sara, Lazarus, Martha, Mary Magdalen and St Maximin fled thither to escape persecution in Judaea.