Sentence Examples

  • (For physical geography, see MoRocco.) Mauretania, or Maurusia as it was called by Greek writers, signified the land of the Mauri, a term still retained in the modern name of Moors.
  • Mauri; Gr.
  • From Mauri, the classic name for the north-western African tribes, the northwestern districts of that continent came to be called by the Romans Mauretania.
  • To the Egyptians they were known as " Lebu," " Mashuasha," " Tamahu," " Tehennu " and " Kahaka "; a long list of names is found in Herodotus, and the Romans called them Numidae, Gaetuli and Mauri, terms which have been derived respectively from the Greek voµaSes (nomads), the name Gued'oula, of a great Berber tribe, and the Hebrew mahur (western).
  • Mauri, Della vita e delle opere di V.