Sentence Examples

  • Lesagef has shown that the height of certain plants is decreased by cultivation in a saline soil, and that the leaves of iLesage, Recherches exphrimentales sur les modifications de, feuilles chez les plantes maritimes, in Rev. gen.
  • Hellville, the chief town (so called after De Hell, governor of Reunion at the time of the French annexation), is a port of call for the Messageries Maritimes and a centre for the coasting trade along the western shores of Madagascar.
  • The islands are regularly visited by vessels of the Messageries Maritimes fleet, and a coaling station for the French navy has been established.
  • The Messageries Maritimes Company use the port as a coaling station and provisioning depot for their South American trade.
  • ANTIBES, a seaport town in the French department of the Alpes-Maritimes (formerly in that of the Var, but transferred after the Alpes-Maritimes department was formed in 1860 out of the county of Nice).