Sentence Examples

  • (2) Son of Rhacius (or Apollo) and Manto, daughter of Teiresias.
  • The comedies of Segura on the customs of Lima society, entitled Un Paseo a Amancaes and La Saya y Manto, have no equal in the dramatic literature of Spanish America and few in that of modern Spain.
  • The conception and attributes of the figure are taken, as has lately been recognized, from a description in the "Manto" of Politian: the goddess, to whose shoulders are appended a pair of huge wings, stands like Fortune on a revolving ball, holding the emblems of the cup and bridle, and below her feet is spread a rich landscape of hill and valley.
  • Mucho de mayor precio a seer el tu manto Que non ser el nuestro (Berceo, S.

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