Sentence Examples

  • The Calypso Catamaran Cruise operates a 71-foot Catamaran Manta Raya, which has features such as an underwater viewing-window that are designed specifically to cater to cruise vacationers.
  • After the sun sets lights mounted in the hull of the vessel illuminate the reef and offer the opportunity to view the island's nocturnal sea life, including Kona's famous manta rays.
  • The Manta Raya sets sail daily from the port of Puntarenas to the Gulf of Nicoya, where you will sight dolphins, porpoise, aquatic birds, sea turtles and other tropical marine life.
  • What was dubbed as "the next generation Sea World attraction," the Manta is a steel roller coaster that glides, dives and swoops through four inversions at 60 miles an hour.
  • Manta lifts riders 140 feet in the air and take them through 3,359 feet of track, making this the second-tallest, fastest and longest flying coaster in the world.