Sentence Examples

  • Country Life Liquid Multi-Vitamin & Multi Complex: Juices from organic aloe vera, mangosteen and noni form the basis of this nutritious cocktail, which also includes decaffeinated green tea extract and lycopene.
  • The American Cancer Society agrees that while mangosteen juice has shown to inhibit cancer cell growth in laboratory animals, it has not been tested on humans, and should not be claimed as a cure for cancer.
  • Purdue University's horticultural department provides background information and a nutritional chart on mangosteen fruit for those who wish to examine the exact nutritional makeup of the fruit.
  • Mangosteen does contain a good dose of antioxidants and a unique compound called xanthones that may have anti-inflammatory effects, but no research supports mangosteen as a super fruit.
  • According to the Mayo Clinic website, consumers buying mangosteen juice may be buying instead a blend of mangosteen and less expensive fruit juices, such as blueberry and apple juice.