Sentence Examples

  • Forage Crops.The mangold-wurzel, occupying four times the acreage of swedes and turnips, is by far the chief root-crop in France.
  • Chenopodiaceae), other varieties of which, under the name of mangold or mangel-wurzel, are grown as feeding roots for cattle.
  • Mangold, 1875), Eng.
  • De Wette, Mangold, Reuss, Bruckner, Pfleiderer, von Soden,McGiffert, S.Davidson, Bourquin, Clemen and Jalicher) conclude that the pastorals were written in this order (2 Tim., Titus, i Tim.).
  • Ewald,' Schiirer, Reuss and Mangold: Der Romerbrief, pp. 136 f.).