Sentence Examples

  • On Manchurian territory, and from Kharbin sends off a branch to Dalny near Port Arthur on the Liao-tung peninsula.
  • The first portion of the Manchurian railway, built by Russian engineers, with Chinese labour, was finished in 1902.
  • The Manchurian crane is common, as also are eagles, cuckoos, laughing doves, &c. Insects abound, owing to the swampy nature of much of the country.
  • Under the RussoJapanese treaty of August 1905, after the war, supplemented by a convention between Japan and China concluded in December of the same year, Japan took over the line from Port Arthur as far as Kwang-cheng-tsze, now known as the Southern Manchurian railway (508 m.).
  • The rest of the original Manchurian system (1088 miles) remains under Russian control.