Sentence Examples

  • The key to finding a catalog is to think outside the box much as the majorette uniform has been re-thought to highlight the athleticism of the body, as well as the dance and movement formations that are performed.
  • Whether dressed in a baggy softball uniform or in the leotard of a majorette, it is the athletes who set the example by being more concerned with winning than with preserving other people's ideas of modesty.
  • In addition to marching bands and music performances, many bands also have a drill or majorette team that offers entertainment in the form of baton twirling and acrobatic or gymnastic routines.
  • The American Baton Company sells not only batons, but also other majorette related equipment and some team practice and warm up wear, plus uniform related accessories.
  • When deciding on ordering new majorette uniforms for your school, you must consider the color of the uniforms and the designs that you want on the body suits.