Sentence Examples

  • 9 are addressed to Maecenas, ii.
  • GAIUS MAECENAS (CILNIUS), Roman patron of letters, was probably born between 74 and 64 B.C., perhaps At Arretium.
  • The Gaius Maecenas mentioned in Cicero (Pro Cluentio, 56) as an influential member of the equestrian order in 91 B.C. may have been his grandfather, or even his father.
  • It was in 39 B.C. that Horace was introduced to Maecenas, who had before this received Varius and Virgil into his intimacy.
  • 5) in 37, Maecenas and Cocceius Nerva are described as having been sent on an important mission, and they were successful in patching up, by the Treaty of Tarentum, a reconciliation between the two claimants for supreme power.

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