Sentence Examples

  • The first screening test for SCID is a white blood cell count with a count of the lymphocytes (differential) because in most forms of SCID the lymphocyte count will be very low.
  • The virus affects a type of white blood cell called the B lymphocyte, producing characteristic atypical lymphocytes that may be useful in the diagnosis of the disease.
  • In this form of SCID the lymphocyte or white blood evaluation is identical to X-linked SCID but is autosomal recessive and, therefore, occurs in girls and boys.
  • If the numbers of all of these cell types are normal and SCID is still suspected, more specialized tests can be done to test the lymphocyte cell functions.
  • If the lymphocyte cell count is low, further testing is usually done to determine whether any particular type of lymphocyte is lower than normal.