Sentence Examples

  • If you decide that it's always most important to go to meals at the dining hall, for example, it will be a simple choice to skip any lunchtime meetings or study sessions that prevent you from getting your food.
  • While it may be challenging to find breakfast options while on a low carb diet, especially when you are used to high carb options, you'll find these meals will keep you full and satisfied until lunchtime.
  • If you feel those methods are too conspicuous, send a friend in your place to scope out what the other employees are wearing, even if they simply stand outside the door at lunchtime.
  • By choosing the appropriate location and planning for the rest of the day - whether that means returning to work or not - a lunchtime proposal can be a romantic, memorable event.
  • Factor in the all-important hair and makeup morning ritual and you can pretty much guarantee no one will see your face until, oh, right around lunchtime.