Sentence Examples

  • LULEA, a seaport of Sweden, capital of the district (Ian) of Norrbotten, on the peninsula of Sandd, at the mouth of the Lule river and the north-west corner of the Gulf of Bothnia.
  • 21-25 the Turkish armies commanded by Abdulla Pasha were driven back in confusion and retired to positions passing through Bunar Hissar and Lule Burgas to the railway.
  • 3 the issue of the war was decided at the great battle of Lule Burgas, in which the Turkish army was heavily defeated, and retreated in disorder to the Chatalja lines, in front of Constantinople.
  • The Lule is formed of two branches, Stora and Lilla (Great and Little) Lule; the length of the main stream is 193 m.
  • The Stora Lule branch drains the Langas and Stora Lule lakes (Langasjaur, Luletrask), which have a length together exceeding 5 o m., a fall between them of some 16 ft.

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