Sentence Examples

  • If you're bashful, or are already exceptionally tall, then a simple six and three-quarter inch model can be easily dressed up with the addition of little red dice resting within the Lucite hole of your shoe sole.
  • Although Bakelite has been superseded by plastics such as Lucite, many lovers of vintage jewelry and accessories are still combing the vintage scene for the last available pieces of this era.
  • Where women had once embroidered their reticules with flowers, many of the clear Lucite bags of the 1950s were in their turn hand-painted in floral patterns, among other options.
  • For a shoe that has both a current and retro vibe, check out the strappy sandal at Magic Makers, which features a deep red upper and Lucite heels in a towering six inches.
  • Decorate yourself in slouchy berets and designer scarves for a foreign touch, or load up on chunky Lucite bracelets for a trendier feel.