Sentence Examples

  • The fruits of Zizyphus do not enter into the composition of the lozenges now known as jujubes which are usually made of gum-arabic, gelatin, &c., and variously flavoured.
  • Lozenges of potassium chlorate are used in stomatitis, tonsilitis and pharyngitis, it can also be used in a gargle, to grs.
  • This form it then wrote as two lozenges whence:developed a;later sign, 8, which is used also in Umbrian and Oscan.
  • The glycerin is used in tonsillitis and the lozenges in pharyngitis.
  • The commonest are senna in the form of compound liquorice powder, sulphur in the form of lozenges, cascara sagrada, either in tablets or in the form of liquid or dry extract, rhubarb, colocynth and especially aloes.