Sentence Examples

  • Chinese traditional medicinal remedies: Taking yin chiao (sometimes transliterated as yinquiao) tablets that contain honeysuckle and forsythia when symptoms appear as well as using natural herb loquat syrup for cough and sinus congestion.
  • E. japonica: Loquat (Eriobotrya) - A large-leaved shrub from Japan; in England tender, and only suitable for walls in warm and sheltered places.
  • Its very large leaves are like those of the Loquat, and are of silvery whiteness.
  • Among fruit trees, besides the wild fruits already mentioned, are the pineapple, mango, papua, guava, grenadilla, rose apple, custard apple, soursop, loquat, naartje, shaddock and citrous fruits.
  • Of these the apple and the pear are now very inferior in Corfu; the others thrive well and are accompanied by all the fruit trees known in southern Europe, with addition of the Japanese medlar (or loquat), and, in some spots, of the banana.

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