Sentence Examples

  • Other terms used synonymously are modesty apron, marriage apron, modesty skirt, loincloth, string skirt, and girdle.
  • In Hawaii boys dance hula topless, but are covered on the bottom with a malo (a type of loincloth), skirt or pants.
  • It consists of a sparkly loincloth, headpiece, collar and armbands.
  • The men wear a loincloth or salaka, the women a kitamby or apron folded round the body from waist to heel, to which a jacket or dress is usually added; both sexes use over these the lamba, a large square of cloth folded round the body something like the Roman toga, and which is the characteristic native dress.
  • Both sexes wear the langouti or loincloth, which the men supplement with a short jacket, the women with a long scarf draped round the figure or with a long clinging robe.