Sentence Examples

  • A front loader is gentler on your clothes because instead of an agitator, which beats the clothes through the water and thus stresses and twists the fabric, the machines boast a horizontal axis, which tumbles them in and out of the water.
  • However, it's good for your knees to squat, and since you often have to bend over to pull out clothes from a top loader, you may be going easier on your back overall with a front loader.
  • Since the clothes washed in a front loader need less time in the dryer, they will last that much longer.
  • Their rifle, 1 though a muzzle-loader, was in every other respect superior to the Prussian needle-gun, and their M.L.
  • It is customary to ascribe their successes to the power of the breech-loader, but there were actions in which it played no part, cavalry versus cavalry encounters, and isolated duels between batteries which gave the Prussian gunners a confidence they had not felt when first crossing the frontier.