Sentence Examples

  • In an interview with Us Weekly in October 2006, Reid shared her unsuccessful breast implant and liposuction surgery stories in hopes to warn others about the sometimes less-than-perfect results of cosmetic surgery.
  • Dr. Hema says, "The newest and most effective way to lift a drooping jawline is to combine StarLux infrared skin-tightening treatment with a small, safe liposuction procedure.
  • The rumors died down a bit as the singer rushed to his wife's side in Brazil, where she suffered serious, life threatening complications after a routine liposuction surgery.
  • Comedian and actress Kathy Griffin admits to undergoing several procedures over the years, but complications from a liposuction procedure in 1999 almost killed her.
  • A weekend face lift is simply liposuction of the neck area in combination with suturing together portions of the neck to tighten up fine lines and sagging.