Sentence Examples

  • This includes Allamakee, Benton, Black Hawk, Polk, Linn, Butler, Hardin, Iowa, Jasper, and Franklin, as well as several other counties in the state of Iowa.
  • The ascent is usually made from Castleton of Braemar, by way of the Linn of Dee, Glen Lui and Glen Derry.
  • - a, Bed-bug (Cimex lectularius, Linn.); newly hatched young from beneath; b, from above; d, egg, magnified 25 times; c, foot with claws; e, serrate spine, more highly magnified.
  • CEDAR RAPIDS, a city of Linn county, Iowa, U.S.A., on the Cedar river, in the east central part of the state.
  • Steel, "Observations on Peripatus," Proc. Linn.