Sentence Examples

  • Despite the unpopular notion that women of size should cover up their skin and use lingerie simply for their functional purposes, the favorable truth is that lingerie can - and should - be worn to make a woman of any size feel her sexiest.
  • Most women and quite a few men will tell you that wearing satin panties is one of the most sensual lingerie experiences you can have, and perhaps the best thing about it is that you can wear satin panties under almost anything you'd like.
  • If you know that your significant other has a preference in the style of sexy lingerie that you wear, you can give him quite the gift by choosing that style with a Christmas twist, putting it on, and standing below a bundle of mistletoe.
  • You can find sexy costumes in a complete array of sizes -- from tiny to plus size -- at a many different types of outlets, including lingerie boutiques, party stores, Halloween specialty stores, costume shops, online retailers, and more.
  • There are two general types of parties: a themed-gift event (every gift should be some type of lingerie), and a fashion show (where different male and female models display items and guests can place orders for their favorite garments).