Sentence Examples

  • Holm of Papal, "isle of the priest" (2), belonging to Bressay parish, and Linga, "heather isle" (8), to the parish of Tingwall, lie S.E.
  • Linga (4) lies immediately to the north of Vaila.
  • Fully described in the Puranas, it is in the form of the linga (phallic emblem) that he is almost universally worshipped.
  • Immediately surrounding it is the rich farming land of the Monocacy valley, but from a distance it appears to be completely shut in by picturesque hills and mountains; to the E., the Linga ore Hills; to the W., Catoctin Mountain; and to the S., Sugar Loaf Mountain.
  • The feature represented by the linga, or phallic symbol.

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