Sentence Examples

  • Baptornis, another of Marsh's genera, seems to be allied to Enaliornis, Palaeotringa and Talmatornis, were by him referred to Limicoline and Passerine birds.
  • Other species of Limicoline bird has, so far as is known, any tendency to it.
  • The nest, in which four eggs are laid with their pointed ends meeting in its centre (as is usual among Limicoline birds), is seldom far from the water's edge, and the eggs, as well as the newly-hatched and down-covered young, closely resemble the surrounding pebbles.
  • Schnepfe), one of the commonest Limicoline birds, in high repute no less for the table than for the sport it affords.
  • So far as is known the sternum of all the Snipes, except the Jack-Snipe, departs from the normal Limicoline formation, a fact which tends to justify the removal of that species to a separate genus, Limnocryptes.

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