Sentence Examples

  • Willem Janszon, the father of Hondius's partner, published a collection of charts (1608), to which he gave the title of Het Licht der Zeevaart (the seaman's light).
  • Meyer in a pamphlet Ueber das geschichtete electrische Licht surpassed all previous forms in both simplicity and efficiency.
  • Licht of Magdeburg; and the prices are obtained from statements supplied by importers into the United States of the cost in foreign countries of the sugars which they import.
  • Licht, Magdeburg).
  • 1901); the article " Licht " in Wetzer and Welte's Kirchenlexikon (Freiburg-i.-B., 1882-1901), an excellent exposition of the symbolism from the Catholic point of view, also " Kerze " and " Lichter ", W.