Sentence Examples

  • Its stunning glossy black appearance, touch-sensitive music keys, and unique slider form factor make for quite the attractive package, but did you know that you have more than one option when it comes to selecting an LG Chocolate Phone?
  • In terms of "useful" accessories, here are some of the most readily available add-ons and replacement items you can find for the LG Chocolate Phone, particularly the VX8500 offered through Verizon Wireless and Telus Mobility.
  • This is certainly an attractive line of devices, but its attractive design seems to have caused some issues.Rather than having physical buttons on its face, the LG Chocolate makes use of touch-sensitive controls.
  • Everyone wants the hottest new handheld and when the LG Voyager finally arrives on the shelves of Verizon Wireless, you can be sure that many text message-savvy individuals will be interested in picking one up.
  • While the company doesn't have any smartphones in its arsenal, available options include a number of capable basic phones from LG, Samsung, and Motorola, including many with QWERTY pads for easier texting.