Sentence Examples

  • About a year after the last episode of Full House, Candace Cameron Bure married NHL player Valeri Bure, and together have three children: Natasha, Lev and Maksim.
  • In 1690 he was created a boyar and shared with Lev Naruishkin, Peter's uncle, the conduct of home affairs.
  • 23 - xxiii., and (of another stamp) in Lev.xvii.
  • " The mutual independence of the two (codes) is rather to be argued from the absence of laws identically formulated, the lack of agreement in order either in the whole or in smaller portions, and the fact that of the peculiar motives and phrases of R D there is no trace in H (Lev.
  • The main arguments brought forward by those who maintain the priority of Ezekiel are (1) the fact that H makes mention of a high priest, whereas Ezekiel betrays no knowledge of such an official, and (2) that the author of Lev.