Sentence Examples

  • In lepto and micro forms both aecidiospores and uredospores are absent, the sporidia producing a mycelium which gives rise directly to teleutospores; in the lepto forms the teleutospores can germinate directly, in the micro forms only after a period of rest.
  • We have thus a series showing a progressive reduction in the complexity of the life-history, the lepto and micro forms having a life-history like that of the Basidiomycetes.
  • In the hemi, brachy, micro and lepto forms, which possess no aecidium, we find that the association takes place at various points in the ordinary mycelium but always A, Portion of a young aecidium.
  • Micro and lepto form.
  • All the forms have the same life-history as the lepto forms of that group, so that there is no longer any trace of sexual organs.