Sentence Examples

  • From whom, in consequence, it received the title of muy noble, muy Leal y vencedora, " most noble, most loyal and victorious."
  • The rank of city (muy noble, muy Leal, y muy valerosa ciudad, " most noble, most loyal, and most valiant city"), a privilege which involved some measure of autonomy.
  • In 1558 it received a coat of arms and the title of "Muy noble y muy Leal" from the king of Spain - a distinction of great significance in that disturbed period of colonial history.
  • In 1822 it was raised to the rank of a city, and in 1841, as a reward for its loyalty in revolutionary wars of that province, it was distinguished by the title of Leal e valorosa (loyal and valorous).
  • Da Silva Mendes Leal (v.-ix.) and J.