Sentence Examples

  • LD: Miele's ultra-quiet Vortex Motor System™ delivers the powerful suction and airflow necessary to remove stubborn pet hair and is tested to last an incredible 20 years.
  • LD: Think of it this way; when you are single and trying to see what's out there, you are basically doing the same thing, dating a few men and seeing which one is the best for you.
  • LD: The ladybug, is a small, cute iconic insect that represented pretty much what we wanted to present for our company, ladies with a buzz about what's going on around town.
  • Nordenski?ld, in the " Sophia," landed near Angmagssalik, in 65° 36' N., in 1883.9 Captain C. Ryder, in 1891-1892, explored and mapped the large Scoresby Sound, or, more correctly, Scoresby Fjord.10 Lieutenant G.
  • Hence we derive the particular cases 1 1 expel ' =exp(d1 -2d2+5d3 - ...); exp/ld 1 = exp(Ad1p2d2 +/13d3 - ...), and we can express D.