Sentence Examples

  • 2 of the Russo-Latvian Treaty, Aug.
  • What the war and revolution had left of the large farms, subsequent agrarian legislation further damaged; and in 1921 the Latvian state was still struggling against the dislocating effects of war and revolution, and its finance and commerce were seeking new methods of reconstruction.
  • The rate of exchange had become adverse (by May 1921 £i =1,850-1,900 Latvian rubles), and imported goods were getting more and more expensive to the consumer.
  • 3, the British squadron leaving with 500 refugees on board, including members of the new Latvian Government.
  • But the Ulmanis Cabinet was not as yet the sole ruler of Latvia, the Bolsheviks holding Latgalia, and a Russo-German force under Bermondt-Avalov preparing an advance against the Bolsheviks across Latvian territory, plan adopted at a Riga conference on Aug.