Sentence Examples

  • Whether you spell it lasagna or lasagne, this hearty casserole is popular with nearly everyone and can easily be made as a vegetarian entrée.
  • Tonya Zavasta's excellent "uncookbook," Beautiful on Raw: Uncooked Creations includes numerous raw food recipes for everything from special juice combinations (targeting specific health concerns) to lasagna to carrot cake.
  • And now I come up with totally new recipes and innovations that have never been created, done or even seen before like my raw Organic Mango Cheesecake recipe, my Spanish Lasagna, and Oraweos.
  • If Uncle Vinnie's homemade lasagna tastes just like the version served up by La Pasana or Aunt Lucy's sundae is better than ones sold at Baskin-Robbins, then say so in your journaling block.
  • For example, if the family request is for your famous lasagna and you oblige, yet you are faced with a Jenny Craig prepackaged version, it may be difficult to enjoy YOUR meal as you should.