Sentence Examples

  • But a more terrible disaster occurred in October 1899, when a series of landslips carried away houses and broke up the hill railway.
  • Here the clay of which the hill is formed is gradually giving way, causing landslips and the collapse of buildings, notably of the abbey church of S.
  • (From Photographs by C. Evans.) In a very few years, however, the open pit mining was rendered impossible by the mud rushes, by the falls of the masses of barren rock known as " reef," which were left standing in the mine, and by landslips from the sides, so that in 1883, when the pit had reached a depth of about 400 ft., mining in the Kimberley crater had become almost impossible.
  • These interior landslips, besides choking the pipes and breaking the communication, often produce sinkings at the surface.
  • In the hills there were terrible landslips, which wrecked the little Cherrapunji railway and caused 600 deaths.

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