Sentence Examples

  • The embryo is provided with ten hooks, and appears to select Lamellibranchs (Mactra) for its intermediate host.
  • These organisms live in cockles, oysters and other lamellibranchs and they so affect the gonads of these molluscs as to castrate and sterilize their host.
  • In many embryo Lamellibranchs a centro-dorsal primitive shell-gland or follicle has been detected.
  • In many Lamellibranchs a gland is found on the hinder surface of the foot in the mid line, which secretes a substance which sets into the form of threads - the so-called " byssus " - by means of which the animal can fix itself.
  • In some Lamellibranchs (Pecten, Spondylus, Pholas, Mactra, Tellina, Pectunculus, Galeomma, &c.), although cephalic eyes are generally absent, special eyes are developed on the free margin of the mantle-skirt, apparently by the modification of tentacles commonly found there.