Sentence Examples

  • According to the Lamaze International website, "any intervention in [childbirth] no matter how harmless it may seem, may disrupt the precise hormonal shifts and create problems that must be 'managed' with medical expertise and equipment."
  • If you are Choosing Where to Give Birth, reading birth stories can give you the personal feedback that you may need to distinguish whether Water Birth , Home Birth, Natural Childbirth, Lamaze, or Doulas is the right answer for you.
  • Improving communication skills is also a large part of the education plan in Lamaze; this will allow the woman and her partner to communicate more effectively with each other during labor and with the members of the birthing team.
  • If you don't have time to attend a formal class, there are videos and discussion forums online that can provide an overview of some of the key points of this childbirth technique and help to answer the question "What is Lamaze?"
  • Lamaze classes are childbirth classes you attend along with the person who will be assisting you during childbirth (this person is called the childbirth coach and is usually the father of the baby or a close relative).