Sentence Examples

  • Outside the gate, apparently, was the famous Craneion, shaded by cypress trees, and near it the tombs of Lais and Diogenes, a precinct of Bellerophon and of Athena Melaenis.
  • Probably the story was first told in the form of short lais, each recounting some special episode, such as the lai known as the chevrefeuille; how old these may be it is impossible to say.
  • The lais of Marie de France were written in England, and the greater number of the romances composing the matiere de Bretagne seem to have passed from England to France through the medium of Anglo-Norman.
  • 296); Lumiere as Lais, by Pierre de Peckham, c. 1250 (Rom.
  • Among other noteworthy places are Mokko-Mokko, with the old British fort Anna; Pasar Bintuhan, and Lais (Laye), the former seat of the British resident.