Sentence Examples

  • His father was a day-labourer and very poor.
  • Of this contribution to science, as of all the rest which have since proceeded from him, may be said in the words he himself has applied (ut supra, p. 271) to the work of another labourer in a not distant field: " This is a model paper for unbiassed observation, and freedom from that pleasant mode of supposing instead of ascertaining what is the true nature of an anatomical element."
  • The people depend so entirely upon agriculture, and the harvest is so entirely destroyed by a single monsoon failure, that wherever a total failure occurs the landless labourer is immediately thrown out of work and remains out of work for the whole year.
  • The food is there, perhaps at a slightly enhanced price, but the unemployed labourer has no money to buy it.
  • The condition of the Chilean labourer has been much improved since then, however, and Chile no longer suffers so serious a loss of A.